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>> yes this, is how it looked at 5:00 a.m. take a look. you can barely see other cars, just a second or two after they passed you. >> san francisco international airport is still feeling affects of the5@&d dense fog frm morning. flights delayed from 30 to 90 minutes. short flights along western u.s., 42 flights cancelled. irritating passengers. >> i'm flying from sfo to santa barbara. i got cancelled due to fog. and yevl:>, now i'm going to miss classes today. >> when fog is thick sfo needs to leave more space before landing planes. airports in oakland were not expected by the fog. >>ds3k 14 people back home afta carbon monoxide scare sent them to the hospital last night.
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wood burning fireplaces but cigarette smoke is what the fire department thinks happened in this case sending a family to the hospital. >> did they check you out? >> 3-year-old tino was taken to the hospital last night in a carbon monoxide scare. an alarm went off in the family home, they called 911. turns out the alarm was a smoke detector not for carbon monoxide, firefighters tested for signs of the gas. they found nothing. and neither they, nor pg&e have been able to find a leak in any appliances. >> our thought is that there is probably a secondary source, maybe. heavy cigarette smoking. >> not that time. they usually smoke they go into the front and smoke. smoke there. >> whatever the cause, some family members did have elevated levels of carbon
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monoxide. >> by law, january 1 you have to have a carbon monoxide defector like the one this family lives in. >> a san francisco sheriff deputy accused of robbingp< ÷ a bank went before a judge today. the 56-year-old is a veteran of the force, today pleading not guilty to second degree robbery and burglary. police say he's demanding money from a teller in a bank of america and running off with $1700.jmyrw the judge made tong surrender his gun and passport. he has an order to stay away from the bank and teller. >> a 14-year-old girl died today after she was struck by a pickup truck riding her bike to school. it happened at jefferson avenue. police say the man stopped after the crash and he is cooperating with investigators
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they try to figure out what led to this tragedy. >> happening now, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a crash that killed four people on highway 50. three of them are a family from san francisco. officers say the prius veered off and hit a minivan. a 10-year-old survived. we'll hear from relatives coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> santa clara county prosecutors revealed they're considering charging a 15-year-old as an adult following a crime spree. he was arrested on friday. police believe the teenager teamed up with this man, a 26-year-old johna kran dawson willbanks in at least four robberies. the police suspect him of killing a man and wounding a police officer chasing them on november 16th ooj residents now have their say in a selection of a new police chief. tonight is the first in a series of meeting as louing community members to tell city kg.!at they want in a new chief.
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current chief chris moore is stepping down after a challenging two years on the job marked by resource cuts and a rise in violent crime. the meeting is at 6:30 at the community center. >> a jewelry store owner fired a two armed men who stormed into the shop this morning in a strip mall at story and king road around 10:is a. a manhunt is now ton for two men. wayne freedman will have more in a live report coming up on abc news tonight at 6:00. >> san francisco general hospital is joining laigs of those suing los angeles dodgers and former owner over the beating of brian stow. the hospital asking for $1.2 kblinl to cover the cost of providing extensive brain trauma care. stow was beaten by two men outside dodger stadium following 2011 season opener against the giants. >> we know what sparked this
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fight on black friday. women's under wear. we showed you this video on friday. a fight started at a victoria's secret, turns out two women were arguing over discounted under wear and started throwing punches and three men got involved. it took security 15 minutes to break up this fight. >> today is cyber monday when shoppers are expected to pound the keyboard instead of the pavement. >> abc 7 news explain autos cyber monday born in simpler times n 2005 people did holiday shopping online the money after thanksgiving. because that is when they're back in the office with access to high speed internet they didn't have at home, fast forward to tab blets and smart phones, you can shop anywhere, any time. this explanation offered through the company satellite uplink you may have your smart phone with you while in a store able to do that comparison shopping.
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and make a decision to buy the product while you're there or order it online. >> google calling it nonline shopping. this professor of marketing says there is less and less distinct between online and shopping. >> pick up of the store, we ordering bringing people from brick and mortar stores. >> analysts predictó5ç
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>> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 wrnings about popular bounce houses for children. the staggering increase in how many kids are getting hurt, daily. >> also, wardrobe malfunction causing pop star justin beiber to get booed on stage. >> a bonus, each player getting a record a but what about melky cabrerra who was
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suspended for prus using performance-enhacing drugs? >> and michael fin gee taking yourzf)estions on twitter and facebook, you can contact michael on or twitter. >> taking a look outside at 4:08 on monday, traffic in the skyway in san francisco. if you're heading down to the peninsula, 101 south on righthand side you're looking good now f you're heading over the bay bridge, a lot of traffic. that is eastbound lanes on lefthand side of the screen
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new numbers out show more children are end ending up in emergency rooms. some injuries result from dramatic mishaps and many others happen when children
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bump into each other inside of the inflatable play houses. researchers found the number of er visits rose from 702 to 11,000 in 2010. the most common injuries were sprains and broken bones. some children suffered more serious one autos they did see that 7% of the children had concussions. we worry about in particular, in young children. >> part of the increase might be attributable to the growing use of bouncy houses and also, betser record keeping by hospitals. >> late this afternoon, authorities should down+ jéhe nation's largest organic peanut butter producer finding contamination in a new mexico processing facility. states became sick after eating sunland products. >> don't bother with facebook message about copy righting your personal information.
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it's all a hoax. users have been seeing this message making rounds asking to cut, paste and post a personal copy flight resfons a new guideline. facebook spokesman says the company does not, never did try to secure copy rights on anys)rpñ material post bid user. says the notice is false. >> apple bought european trademark on the name lightning from harley davidson. it's also the name of apple's new mobile connector. the trademark gives the company the right to use the name in everything from motorcycle parts to eye glasses. no word on how much apple paid for the trademark. >> from black friday to cyber monday, retailers already enjoying a good start to the holiday season. >> that is right. apple and samsung are at it again.s2]r
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>> good afternoon, yes, millions of americans taking to their computers and mobile devices today searching for cyber monday deals. early indications are that sales could be headed for blockbuster status. as of this afternoon, ibm smarter commerce unit says sales at the top online retailers are up more than 25% from last year. that is after predicting shoppers will spend $1.5 billion today. andg!jd adobe digital thinks the spending could hit $2 billion after retailers took in estimated $1 billion in sales on black friday. >> sam young says it found no instances of child labor, but the company says it did find efrl instances of inadequate practices including execkive overtime hours and other violations.
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san sam says it's reviewing 144 companies in chin yachl the review after china labor watch accused some suppliers of using under aged workers. and apple taking aim at some newest products apple is now asking a california court to add six products to its suit including galaxy s 3, note 2, 3 mini and a number of others. samsung asked for perm dwroigs add the mini and more to its lawsuit. the case scheduled for trial in 2014. as for markets, most stocks closed lower as lawmakers prepared to debate so called fiscal cliff. your bloomberg silicon valley index a little higher. the new york man who claims to own part of facebook has been indicted for wire and mail fraud. he was arrestedézpk last month
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accused of0l"ty faking e mails m mark zuckerberg and fabricating other evidence to bolster claims he owns part of the social network. the lawsuit is spill(b stil pending. back to you. >> thank you. >> sandhya patel is here with weather. the last day or two, nice weather. >> enjoy it while it's lasts, right? we've had fog around tomorrow, more fog in the morning. mostly dry, then, storms move n we'll be talking about three storms when taking you outside. we're looking at fog. you can see high clouds moving in up above. let's check out live doppler 7 hd.ác@ñ fog lifted a lit. -- bit. it hasn't cleared out. it's going to be likely dense again in patches roont. temperatures into 50s along
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the coast. 60 as cross the bay area. areas of fog overnight, wet, windy starting wednesday, more storms going into the weekend. three storms coming our way. tomorrow morning watch out for valley fog. temperatures upper 30s to low 40s. you're going to need fog also along the coastline. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. here is our first storm, bust of wind and rain, it does not come at a good time. heavy rain for northern california thursday into friday. we'll look at wide spread wind and rain into the weekend. so here is a computer animation, strong winds ahead
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of the front. we're going see wet weather. rain doesn't end there. another storm due here into thursday, then another hitting the weekend. rainfall totals wednesday through sunday. you can see over a foot north of the bay area. excessive rain there. four to six inch as cross the heart of the bay area, we're looking at eight inches in the viewing area this, is throughout sunday. the rainfall does drop off heading south. four inches for the south bay. three to four inches and parts of the east bay but that is why we're concerned about the potential for creeks and streams to overflow. flood watch wednesday through saturday. including sacramento valley. stay tuned for additional changes we'll see a wind advisory going up for wednesday. tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s to low 60s could see sprinkles as you can see here, but really main par of the rain rain doesn't arrive until
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wednesday morning. temperatures throw mid-60s and again we may see heavy rain and wind as you look at the accu-weather forecast.?>a for extended food of -- period of time. wet, windy wednesday, thursday, more rain friday, saturday. showers on sunday with a chance of rain on monday. watch out for potential for creeks and rivers to overflow. and of course we'll be watching winds as well. >> coming up next, the play people are talking about today. a personal reason sind behind shaving her head for cancer research. >> rolling stones big return to stage and special performance fans haven't seen. >> taking a look at the bay brinl toll plaza. it's very easy going for drivers making their way on bridge
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two indianapolis colts cheerleaders shaved their hair for chair taif the team head coach was diagnosed with cancer the cheerleader offer aid challenge. she said if the mascot could raise $10,000 she would shavetñs her head.
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another cheerleader joined sunday. the moss mas cot raised 22,000s ndz two weeks. megan says she was inspired to do it vuft been affected by cancer and had family members who z.mentors and i volume lun near a local children's hospital. that little girl lost her hair and saw bravery they possesses. it's something i wanted to do to reach other ootz coach is still fighting cancer and stepped out into the crowd at the game and thanked everyone for support. >> great they raised so much. >> a golden anniversary for rock royalty and another controversy with justin beiber. >> yes this, has to do with his clothes. >> holidays are week as way. christmas spirit. hollywood boulevard trance formed into a giant red carpet for the parade. actor served as grant marshal.
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stars tell otrc is a family tradition. >> you mean, years ago we had to take him to the parade here. >> i've been in this parade several times when i was like 14, 15, 16. 17 years old. when ways doing full house. >> rolling stones got a crowd of 20,000 fans last night to kick off 50th anniversary tour. former band members joined the stones on stage for the first time in 20 years. they bring the tour to the u.s. next month. >> justin beiber, boo? never say never. fans in canada jeered throughout the performance in a game sunday, they're angry he wore unbuttoned overalls and a packers cap when accepting a special honor from the ka in aa prime minister. he says he doesn't have a chance to change. get your headlines any time on
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>> christmas season is on this afternoon. the nation's capitol a tractor trailer carrying a 65 foot tall spruce from colorado arrived this morning at the foot of capitol hill. after being inspected the team of urban lumber jacks hoisted it into place. it will be decorated with 5,000 ornaments to reflect the year's holiday theme celebrating our great outdoors. >> really cool looking tree. >> well known people are being mentioned as possibilities to serve on the rez's cabinet eve yorts to avoid fiscal cliff now underway. top republicans say they're willing to compromise but there is a catch. >> also, new study says where an expectant mother lives can expect her baby's risk of autism. >> why san jose airport wants permission to shoot guns off a
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oor. local names being mentioned as a possibility for cabinet pofts. >> abc 7 news is here now with the look at the short list. mark?>hi
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>> they've got to be secretary of state and secretary of treasury. both planning to step down. >> the president has known for a while two are headed for the door. secretary of tress surey tim geithner and secretary of state hillary clinton ai. clear front runner for hillary clinton's job appears to be susan rice. >> she has done exyemp particulary work. >> the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is not without controversy. fight. >> it's been what this began was a spontaneous, not a premeditated response to what trance pired in cairo. >> that turned out to be bad information. the white house chief of staff thought to have the edge. but there is talk facebook chief operating officer cheryl
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sandburg could get the nod n the clinton administration she served as chief of staff to larry summers and sits on the president's job council and on the board of walt disney company, which owns abc and this station. sanberg would be the not the last berkeley woman being mentioned. christina roamer's name surfaced andz:"ñ politico wrots another name, eric schmidt could be tapped for the job. defense secretary leon panetta as long express aid desire to return to his family estate in carmel valley. former pentagon official michelle fornoid would be the first secretary of defense. a one factor that could keep sandberg from taking the post if it is offered is more than a billion dollars in stock
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options from facebook. option that's will be vested over next 10b/2q years assuming she remains in the company. >> congress is back to work today and efforts underway following long holiday weekend. lawmakers have until the end of the year to agree on cuts. >> the countdown to the cliff now stands at five weeks. if congress doesn't act, $650 billion going into affect on january 1. there are now increasing signs that republicans may be willing to deal on the most controversial issue. tax autos i'm willing to generate revenue. >> for many, doing just that would mean breaking a pledge
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to not raise taxes and taking political risks that come with it. >> world changed. >> the no neweh9hn taxes pledges the brain child of grover norquist. >> the pledge allows elected officials to make it clear openly to the voters where they stand. >> here in washington he carries weight as evidenced by lawmaker xgh signed the pledge over the years. norquist told abc news this isn't about him and lawmaker autos don't tell me bit. they need tochl plain to voters.twrht >> there is still a catch. >> i will violate the pledge for the good of the country only if democrats will do reform. >> the white house indicated everything is part of the discussion.
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>> abc news, washington. >> stocks gave back a little of last weeks gain was traders concerned with about the fiscal cliff. dow jones gave back 42 points to finish at 12,967. the s and p 500 off nearly three. >> jipgss planned a real yeel against a recent power grab by president morsi. a shawl but vocal group demonstrated again today in tahrir square. emfeel he is acting like a dictateor. the u.s. says his power grab
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goes against the spirit of the revolution. >> morsi says he acted within his rights when issues declaration that's give him sweeping powers and writing a new constitution above egypt's judish yairy. his spokesman says the decrees could not infringe on the course in any way. supporters intend to rally tomorrow. >> tensions running high in the middle east. israel defense minister announced he's quitting politics. israelies go to polls january 22 to vote for members of parliament. the graduate served as the israeli prime minister from 1999 until twun. >> new york city mayor is asking washington for $9.8 billion to help pay for damage from super storm sandy saying insurance will only pay for $9 billion of the $19 kbrinl
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sandy did to the city. the storm killed 40 residents, left 10,000 homeless. bloomberg says he expects feds to antiy up. >> i believe that we're going to win. i still think we're going to get that stadium on the west side.%fyqt i'm an optimist. >> new york governor kuomo is asking washington for $42 chris christie is seeking $30 william. total is still less than $146 billion washington provided after hurricane katrina. >> up next, nasa announces it's longest space flight and american astronauts that will take part in the mission. >> giants will get a record bonus every player is paid, including suspended slugger melky cabrerra. >> michael finney q and a just head. i'll answer your
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questions here a little later. >> enjoy sun while you can. we have dense fog followed by stormy weather. we'll take a look at storms coming up. >> taking a look at traffic on the san mateo bridge. headlights are heading towards hayward and points east. traffic moving well now for drivers heading towards san mateo. stay with us. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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20-year-old died during a gun battle between soldiers and i gang of drug traffickers they were traveling within mexico. and also today, angus t jones who plays jake harper trashed the show calling it filth?r and told thempeople to stop warning jy posting a notice their words are copy righted but the message is a hoax. >> nasa asked scott kelly to take part in its longest mission yet. they will begin training next year for a year long mission
4:39 pm
aboard the space station. the two men taking part to examine long term affects of weightlessness on humans. his twin, mark kelly commanded several missions including final mission of endeavor. mark kelly married to gabrielle gifford autos spencer christian is off. and sandhya patel is here with an update. >> take advantage of the nice weather because goitsing to change. it's going to be tracking three storms, second one coming in on thursday. and third one is just east of japan due in here friday night into saturday. so with all of the rain expected, of course there is a concern, flood watch has been posted from wednesday through saturday for lake county and delta. sacramento valley. we'll likely see debris flows
4:40 pm
into areas burned by fires, flooding of creeks and streams and watch out for overflow into river. tomorrow afternoon you can see sprinkle arriving in advance of the storm system but main rain doesn't arrive until morning commute wednesday, highs you're looking at 58 in half moon bay. 60s in san francisco. oakland 62 degrees around livermore, san jose, 63 degrees if you were you i'd get rain gear out starting on wednesday and hang on throughout the weekend. we'll likely be watching for a wind advisory going up later on this weekend while early as wednesday. >> thank you sandhya. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 a group of experts calling for access to emergency contraception. >> sfudys show drinking grapefruit juice or eating fruit can cause a bad reaction with drugs. >> and suspicious searches
4:41 pm
police say they found on the computer. >> if you buy a christmas gift now, can you return or exchange it when it's past the store return policy?
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>> the young mom was acquitted last year but now, comes admission that botched police work may have kept jurors from hearing key evdz in this case. >> this is the spare tire cover. >> abc news confirmed the sheriff's office that investigated this case admits it missed strange internet searches made on the home computer the last day caylee was seen a live. they were apparently never discovered because they were done using a web browser they never searched. >> on the day caylee died someone on the anthony home computer ran searches an hour after george anthony said she left the home.
4:45 pm
disclosed the search with a term fool proof suffocation. now, one prosecutor told the local florida news station that the missed records would have put accidental death claim in question. >> this evidence didn't help the prosecution anyway, shape or form. it's no surprise to me ta it was not presented at trial. >> abc news legal analyst says the revelations are a moot point. >> casey anthony could confess and it won't change anything. she can say, here is how i did it. here is why i did it. here are the details she wouldn't be tried again because of double jeopardy. >> jose baez insist it would have bolstered feens because they were made after prosecutors contend casey anthony left the house. >> checking healthy living news this afternoon a
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recommendation says american teenagers should:.v have easier access to emergency contraception. the american academy of pediatrics suggest doctor dwrorz write prescriptions before teens might need them. currently it's available for girls 17 years and older in most states. the new recommendation woz apply to younger teens. >> people taking prescription drugs should avoid citrus juices when washing down w grapefruit juice can have interaction with a growing hum of drugs. the review published says people over 45 are at greatest risks for negative feekts ask a new study suggests children live tg near highways may face a higher risk of suffering from autism. university of southern california researchers examined kids exposed to pollution when their moms were
4:47 pm
pregnant and they do not believe pollution causes autism. the prefel yens increased over several years. this disorder now affects one in 88 children born in the united states, up 25% since 2006. >> michael finney is here answering questions on facebook, twitter and e mail. if you purchase a christmas gift now, can you return it when it's past the return policy? >> i'm$ glad;
4:48 pm
when they tell you that. so you need to pay attention. >> yes. yes. >> a twitter user asked this question and i have a question about this question. they tried to write a tried to use amazon locker. it was full. >> it is so you know how they leave it on your door step and it can be ripped off? now there are lockers around that youzwo can have it deliverd there. it has to be under a foot square. as big as they'll go. best thing you can do is normally they aren't filled except this time of the year, they put in the next zip code over. and often that will be free because they're not all filled at the same time. they'll find a locker for you. you'll go there. >> now, i want to tell you about cyber monday.
4:49 pm
it's not over yet. you can have until midnight to get a deal. i wanted to let you know about deals i've spotted. do you have a giants or a's fans on the list? major league or you buy one item get the second aat half price. this is great with those items and it's not too late to get a great travel deal for the holidays. southwest airlines offering flights from oakland on christmas eve. they're for $100 or less. remember, these deals expire tonight. marin county bart says an event a week from saturday where families can pick out, take home holiday tree. helping parks clear land and you can get a free tree. you need to make reservations so call, soon.
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of course i'll have information on our web site. go to abc 7 have you ever cut down a tree? >> i have. >> it's fun. and if you can do a few things and help out? >> there. you go. yeah. >> members of the world champion san francisco giants have extra cash to spread around. a full post season share of the money is a 50 full shares to contributors throughout the season. melky cabrerra?) qualified for a full share. the a's playoff money came to $34,000 for a share. >> still ahead students get a visit from stars of the golden state warriors. >> in san jose, international
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airport[ószñ airport wants the y to take aim at problem birds. >> then at 5:00 a local family tradition turns to tragedy. tonight extended family shares grieve with abc 7 news. >> and an animal sdkj ñ
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another bay airport wants to get serious about bird strike autos city leaders poised to approve agressive measures to deal with the problem birds. >> abc 7 news is live now from san jose with more on problem and one possible solution. car rena? bijdvym 8qgg 180 reported bs
4:55 pm
the latest happening just thisbs month. and involved a jet like the one you can see in this video.nq it's taken off from san jose international airport when hitting an undetermined bird species. the pilot returns to the airport using an engine. in 2009, bird strikes took out both engines of a plane. airport management has been working to not only use cracker guns that make noise to scare birds but also top@z approve the actual use of bird shots to kill birds when necessary. city council appears ready by making changes to allow for the discharge of the firearms by people other than law enforcement and military. only people authorized to fire any weapons are a biologist
4:56 pm
and a hand full of operations personnel. >> they are out there 24-7, monitoring populations and in particular, birds. it's up to them, what is the best way to mitigate this hazard here. >> faa started ordering a number of airports to expand programs to prevent bird strikes. it was 2009 when suly sullen berger landed his jet in the river after a flock of geese destroyed both engines. oakland and san francisco airports which are situated near waterways have approved agressive programs to deal with the birds strike issue. san jose wants a follow in those footsteps. it appears that city council
4:57 pm
is going give approval tomorrow. >> thank you. >> someone looking for an intentive to do well in school got a big one in a school today. golden state warriors guard sr surprised students for attending their awards ceremony, some say they recognized him from gifts they have received from warriors during halloween. >> we're going to go get our roo ward i said that was the guy on the bobbel head its a good likeness, you can see. this is encouraging all players to attend community events over next month. >> and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
abc 7 news at 5:00 begins now. >> ar.a tahoe tradition turns tragic. how they'll care for the sole survivor, a child. >> i'm sandhya patel live doppler 7 will be tracking three three storms this week. >> cyber monday comes with a twist costing you more this year. good evening, everyone i'm carolyn johnson. >> 31 fatalities chp says that is up this year. >> three were members of a san francisco family. only one child survive whtd pruis they were riding in collided head on with a minivan. the family was heading home from tahoe. the girl's extended family has
4:59 pm
the story. >> this was a close-knit family enjoying the american dream. the father an immigrant from china celebrating thanksgiving with their family in the east bay. then, saturday, an awful, tragic scent. -- accident. >> they've been a loving family. we're still thinking of what to do, how to kind of cope with our emotion autos maggie is the niece of the 38-year-old san francisco man who was killed along with most of his family in the accident. she spoke to abc 7 news requesting her face not be shown. she told us they had thanksgiving dinner with su, his wife and their two children. 8-year-old sean and 10-year-old ellie. saturday, their uncle took the family on the day trip. >> he takes the family to lake tahoe every year to see the snow.

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